‘Driving Event’ Case Study: Enabling safety, new business models and Insure AI for the CPS Economy


The global economy is accelerating down a path of massive automation and technology-driven change transforming traditional concepts of compliance and value exchange, empowering individual human and non-human actors to define value in a cyber-physical economy and determine how it is exchanged.

Spherity — Turbo-charging the Reputation Economy with Risk Scoring of CPS Data Processing Pipelines — Photo by Samuele Errico Piccarini

The underlying cyber-physical system (CPS) value chains are changing…

And why Spherity is looking for world-class artists with passion to improve the state of Germany.

Five hundred years ago Leonardo Da Vinci, an Italian polymath of the High Renaissance who is widely considered one of the most diversely talented individuals ever to have lived, taught us:

“To develop a complete mind: study the art of science; study the science of art. Learn how to see…

Was sind Impfnachweis- und Testpass-Credentials? Wie funktionieren Test-Zentren, Test-Kioske und Laien-Selbsttests?

Autoren: Dr. Carsten Stöcker, Dr. Michael Rüther, Dr. Susanne Guth-Orlowski
Version: 0.2, Status: Draft

Verwendete Abkürzungen


Mit der Einführung von elektronischen Impfnachweisen und Testpässen soll ein sicheres Öffnen von gesellschaftlichen und wirtschaftlichen Aktivitäten in Deutschland ermöglicht werden.

Derzeit wird an einer schnell zu implementierenden Lösung für den Impfnachweis gearbeitet. Diese…

On the role of ‘Digital Identity Standards’ in E-Commerce, Supply Chain, Global Trade & Customs

Management Summary; TL,DR

Last year China released a bold 15-year ‘China Standards 2035’ blueprint that describes its strategy to set the global standards for the next-generation of technologies including digital identity.

This article highlights the economic-industrial & geopolitical importance of standards, their industrially-oriented open coordination and controlling their adoption in shaping digital ecosystems…

Securing the control of decentralized identifiers at the root with ambient verifiability

One of the fundamental problems of blockchain-based business models is that there are inescapable technical complexities at the root of every business decision. The complex relationship between decentralized identity and blockchains is no exception. This article sets out to explain why many functions of decentralized identity systems can be moved…

Welche Mentalität es braucht und wie die Digitalisierung in Deutschland nun gelingen kann.

Das Thema Digitalisierung steht schon lange auf der Agenda. Seit Jahren. Für tausende von Unternehmen und hunderttausende von Angestellten. Der CEO startete zahlreiche Digitalisierunginitiativen, der CTO ebenfalls. Beratertrupps entsandten Teams für agiles Management. Ein bisschen digital wurden wir alle; aber ganz langsam.

Dann kam das Coronavirus und brach über uns…

MPC encodes complex, customizable business logic at the application layer

Multi-Party Computation is hardly a household name today, but as sophisticated encryption and robust information sharing platforms become widespread, MPC could well power a quantum leap for the IT industry. It facilitates game-changing modular capabilities needed for sophisticated identity wallets, multi-party signature and approval schemes, usable key management, and resilient…

Future economies that an identity and trust meta-platform will facilitate

[ Note: this is a version edited down from a longer whitepaper titled “Decentralized Identity as a Meta-platform: How Cooperation Beats Aggregation,” published by the Rebooting the Web of Trust biannual conference, available here in its canonical form. It was written collaboratively by Michael Shea, M. Smith Samuel M. Smith…

Carsten Stöcker

Founder of Spherity GmbH. Decentralised identity, digital twinning & cloud agents for 4th industrial revolution | born 329.43 ppm

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