And why Spherity is looking for world-class artists with passion to improve the state of Germany.

Was sind Impfnachweis- und Testpass-Credentials? Wie funktionieren Test-Zentren, Test-Kioske und Laien-Selbsttests?


On the role of ‘Digital Identity Standards’ in E-Commerce, Supply Chain, Global Trade & Customs

Management Summary; TL,DR

Securing the control of decentralized identifiers at the root with ambient verifiability

Decentralized identity as global accounting for a circular economy

Welche Mentalität es braucht und wie die Digitalisierung in Deutschland nun gelingen kann.

MPC encodes complex, customizable business logic at the application layer

Future economies that an identity and trust meta-platform will facilitate

Reimagining the economics of trust and reputation

Carsten Stöcker

Founder of Spherity GmbH. Decentralised identity, digital twinning & cloud agents for 4th industrial revolution | born 329.43 ppm

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